Monday, 30 August 2010

Questions for the Panal

1.Is the love canal safe?
2. Why or why not.
3. What exactly are the precations taken against contamination.
4. How can we been sure that there are not lingering contaminets?
5. If the government took as long as they did to admit the problem how can we trust them now?


  1. 6. What would be done to prevent further damage if there was a leak or something in the containment?

    7. How many toxins are in the love canal area now?

    8. How far away is the dump site from the residential area?

  2. 1. Why do you think the love canal is safe when their are still chemicals in the canal?
    2. Why do you think the love canal is not safe when people have spent more than 30 years cleaning it?
    3. Since the chemicals are so carefully contained, why do you think that they are still a threat? How would the chemicals get out of the canal?