Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Notes n' Stuff

Demo 1.)

Hypothesis: If we set the rubbing alcohol on fire the bottle will ether explode or belch flames.

Conclusion: It belched flames. Not only that it also went flying across the room and impacted the teachers desk. Wow. Also it made a nice woshing noise.

Combustion effects climate change by creating more green house gases which in turn heats up the earth. This effect is known as the green house effect. Due to the growing amount of green house gases in the atmosphere green house effects have increased, causing global warming.

Demo 2.)

Hypothesis: If we introduce the gas to the fire, then the fire will flare up and gain size.

Conclusion:It immediately put the flame out. I feel stupid I completely forgot that flame requires oxygen. By relecing the co2 we took the oxygen away. AKA we took away its fuel.

Carbon Dioxid: Carbon Dioxid is not classified as a pollutant due to the fact that it is naturally present in the atmosphere. Also it is a necessity to plants to preform the process of photosynthesis, but like all gases to much of it can be toxic.

Demo 3.)

Hypothesis: If we introduce the hydrogen to the flame, then the flame will grow in size.

Conclusion: I was correct. The flame used the hydrogen as fuel just as I predicted. It was very cool the way the acids bubbles below the flame.

Ocean energy: Waves generate electricity. Renewable source of energy.
Net energy: Net energies are basically how much you get out of your energy investment. If a net energy of something reaches 0 then their is no longer any gain. The net energy of oil has been decreasing for years.
Wind energy: Wind energy is the process of wind turing turbines to generate energy. Wind energy is the most efficient energy it gives 18 times as much energy as is invested, and it is renewable.
Solar energy: Solar energy is the process of harvesting energy for the sun's rays. Solar energy is often harvested using panels. It is a renewable resource, but very costly.

Demo 4.)

Friday, 3 September 2010

Article 3 Summary

I really thought that the article was very interesting how it talked about the effects of Chernobyl on peoples health. It talked mostly about the different diseases that the radiation caused to thoughts who were exposed to it. I did not know that any amount of radiation in your body is harmful, I always assumed that you had to be exposed for a certain amount of time before there would be any effects. Also I did not know a lot about how radiation actually causes all of the effects that it does, however now I have a much better understanding of it. It was quite a lot of information to process all at once.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

5 Qs for chernobyl

What was the most common effect of exposure to chernobyl on people?

What was the purpose of the test that caused the explosion?

Why is chernobyl considered to be the worst nuclear disaster ever?

What was the name of the syndrome caused by exposure to chernobyl?

Who was arrested for there part in the disaster.