Monday, 11 October 2010

Summary of Conservation for the people

The article starts out focusing on why we should protect the ecosystem for us and on what ecosystems we should preserve that will most benefit us. Next the article talks about the two strategies of ecosystem preservation Hot spot strategy and the Ecosystem services strategy. The hot spot strategy is where we try to preserve ecosystems with lots of biodiversity like the rain forest before ones with low biodiversity like the dessert. The ecosystem services strategy is where we preserve ecosystems that serve us best before all the other, like ecosystems that have lots of tourism. One of the other things that the article talks about is preserving habitats that protect us from storms like the mangroves. If not for the mangroves Florida would be a lot more threatened with tropical storms like hurricanes. The mangroves act like a barrier to tropical storms. Another such thing that needs to be protected is clean water. If we pollute up stream it makes the water for the rest of the river unfit for drinking, which causes a host of problems. To sum it all up the article is focusing on what we can do to preserver the environment that will be beneficial to us. It gives many good points of how nature is important to us and why we need to preserve it.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

What are ways in which preserving biodiversity locally might have a global effect?
If we preserve the environment locally others will notice us, then those people might do the same thing and people will see them. pretty soon we have a global effect. Also If we preserve local environment we could inspire someone to wright a law that will protect the environment.

How do habitat destruction and loss of species effect more than just one area?
It can effect more than one area if other areas depend on that area for resources. For example if a mountain pond becomes contaminated with a harm full substance from a factory. And that substance kills plants and animals, and a deer drinks from the pond and the is eaten by a mountain lion, and then scavengers eats the mountain the substance has contaminated a whole new area.

How does preserving biodiversity enhance the life of people?
First of all we depend on NATURAL resources to survive. Key word NATURAL. So it stands to reason that we would want to preserve nature. If not because we should care, then because we need certain things from nature. Also if those two things aren't enough of a reason then we should preserve nature for future generations.