Monday, 30 August 2010

Questions for the Panal

1.Is the love canal safe?
2. Why or why not.
3. What exactly are the precations taken against contamination.
4. How can we been sure that there are not lingering contaminets?
5. If the government took as long as they did to admit the problem how can we trust them now?

8-30-10 catalyst

1. It started with the blizzard 77 and the wet sesson that followed which caused canal system to flood pushing the chemicals to the surface.

Friday, 20 August 2010

What I thought about the oil spill video.

I thought that it was really powerful in the sense that it made you stop and think, "Is this really happening? Are they really dumping all those harmful chemicals into the ocean?" What I knew before I watched the video was that BP's dispersants weren't doing the best job cleaning up the oil; however, now I know there is much more to the story. I now know that the dispersants are actually making the oil all the more dangerous by allowing it to penetrate skin. Furthermore, the dispersants makes the oil harder to see which makes it even more difficult to clean up. Some good you're doing BP! You made this mess now you're only making the problem worse. To sum it up I really think that I learned a lot from the presentation about the dangers of oil to us and to the wildlife.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Chemical Dispersants

What are the effects on the wild life?
What are the effects of the dispersants on humans?
How well do they work on the oil?